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I’ve been publishing high-quality, detailed, attentive, salacious erotica for a little over a decade now, and at this point, I just write what turns me on the most. I don’t compromise, and I have a physical revulsion to boredom. That means bad guys win, bullies revel in worship from hot-bodied cruel goddesses, and no one ever gives up their erotic power. I don’t believe in starting slow or wading through chapters to get to the good stuff–hot, fun erotica should be hot and fun right away.

I’m inspired by corruption, beauty, and abuses of power. In the real world, these can be destructive or fleeting or flat-out evil. But my stories are about indulging. I want you to experience the thrills of no-consequence villainy constantly and enthusiastically escalating into ever-greater heights of glamorous depravity. This hot combination of the obscene and the regal, the cruel and the adoring can be hard to come by. That’s why I write; I want you to know there’s someone out there dreaming up wicked fantasies tailored just for your needs.

Frequently asked questions

How can I read one of your stories on my tablet or mobile device?

I sell DRM-free eBooks in ePub format for your convenience. Simply download an e-reader app, such as Aldiko Next or FBReader on mobile devices, or ReadEra, Lithium, or Moon+ Reader on Android devices. You can also use commercial eBook store apps like Barnes & Noble’s nook, Google Play Books, Amazon Kindle, and Apple Books to incorporate your new Nadia Nightside stories into your library.

To transfer ePubs to your phone or tablet, simply download the file directly from your device’s internet browser.

What if I want to read from my desktop PC or laptop?

I sell DRM-free eBooks in ePub format for your convenience.

In order to access and read these ebooks on your desktop or laptop computer, you will need to install an ePub reader application or plugin for your internet browser.

A few options for reading applications include:

Thorium Reader by the Readium Foundation, which can be used on computers running Windows, macOS, and Linux

FBReader, compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, ChromeOS, as well as tablets and mobile devices using Android and iOS (Apple) operating systems

Adobe Digital Editions

Calibre (this free, lightweight program is what I use to check .epubs before publishing)

Once you have one of these programs, simply download your file directly from your device’s internet browser.

There’s a wealth of these e-reader programs out there, and I’m no expert on them, so you’ll have to install and use them on your own. Most have online instructions and help services.

What if I want to read from my kindle or other e-reader device?

I sell DRM-free eBooks in ePub format for your convenience.

To read these ebooks on your reader, you’ll need to transfer the file. How you do this will vary by device, but generally involves connecting your reader to your computer and adding files to the external drive.

A few links to get you started (I hope!):

Barnes & Noble nook File transfer instructions

Kobo reader file transfer instructions

For Kindle devices, you can email the epub to your device library.

Why do you have so many free stories?

I think you’re great!

Are ebooks returnable if I don't like them?

No. All sales are final. What and how I write has evolved over time, so I tried with my free stories to give you a good sampling of what I like and am like as an author. If you love those, you’ll probably love my other stories (and vice versa).

Can I share your stories with friends?

I would really prefer you didn’t, and the law agrees! Word of mouth is awesome and I am very grateful for any recommendations, but please let your friends purchase and download their own copies.

Can we review your stories?

You can on other outlets like Smashwords, and please do! Right now, reviews are a “post-launch” feature of the website. Hopefully, we’ll have them up and running soon.

I have a question about [this story] or [that character] or a recommendation for something new.

Message me, email me, use the site’s contact form–any of these will reach me personally, and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I buy ebooks from you?

Add the ones you want to your cart, make an account, and press purchase! A link to the ebook download will be sent to you via email, and is also available in your Library for download at any time.

Is it safe to enter my payment info online?

Your privacy and safety are very important to me. Purchases will be charged to “Midnight Publishing.” When you purchase through this site, we create a secure connection between your web browser and our payment processing provider. I do not store credit card numbers (the option to save your payment info is handled through our third-party processor, but I never see any of that).

Contact nadia

Questions or comments? I’m always happy to help. Please contact me if you have any problems with online orders, questions about my Patreon, or any other requests! You can also reach me at midnight.publishing@gmail.com.