Harem Erotica

Groups of Gorgeous Women Serving One Man...

Harem Erotica

Gosh, I just love writing about harems. Can you tell? There’s well over a hundred harem erotica stories in my catalogue, and most of the stories I write these days just add to that.

It is, I’ll admit, partly due to the nature of my work. I write series in volumes of three stories, usually. So I’ve always got to escalate a tale over somewhere around 25000-30000 words. As it happens, I write a lot of mind control erotica, and so the natural way to escalate mind control erotica is to write our wonderful hero mind-controlling someone else, and then someone else, and then a few someone elses…and all of a sudden he’s got a harem. Whoops!

What’s my harem erotica about? Well, first of all, no reverse-harems in my work, sorry. Unless gang bangs count? I have a few of those.

But by and large, my harem erotica stories feature the hot, excited, enthusiastic compersion of women vying for the attention of one incredible man and usually feature all these hot women loving one another as well. Not just lust, but really intense, almost toxic or manic love between multiple people in a wicked hierarchy based purely on aesthetics.

Even better still is when there’s one girl who is clearly the superior, a harem queen of some kind, guiding the others and ruling her Master’s retinue with a gentle, loving, firm hand (naturally, her other hand is on his cock, stroking).

For me, there’s no hotter fantasy than a harem of gorgeous, fertile beauties exclusively serving one hard-bodied, huge-membered Alpha Male. In the movie reel of my imagination, everybody is hot. No matter the origin of these sexy babes—nerdy, snobby, reserved, or wanton—they all fall to their knees to be an eager member of a breeding harem. Some love it right away, and some have to be convinced thoroughly (with hot artifacts and sexy magic), but in the end they ALL serve their Man just like He deserves.