Stepmom Sex Stories

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Stepmom Sex Stories

Appropriately, these stories mirror my “Step Daddy Erotica” stories in the other direction, with really hot alpha studs usually dominating sexy moms. For reference, I don’t tend to make much of a distinction between “adopted mom” or “step mom” in my stories. I understand they’re wildly different, and I don’t use the terms interchangeably inside of a given story. I just end up using these terms in general as a stand-in for “mother figure” as when writing erotica for many outlets as I do, you’ve got be very explicit that there’s not a blood relation. For my money, though, step mom sex stories is all about the kink of that mother figure lovingly and obediently falling serving her step son.

I see a lot of Step Mom Sex Stories written as Female Dominant (or FemDom). Frankly, while my mind is erotic and open enough to see why that’s appealing, it’s just not my style. My stories are pretty much male dominant (or MaleDom) all the way–and my Step Mom Sex Stories keep this theme. I love alpha males, and I definitely love young alpha male hunks who transform their hot step mommies into their personal property.

Plus…you do know I write bimbofication stories, right? Or just generally use the ‘whatever’ magic device to transform women into incredibly hot versions of themselves? Well, that certainly has a place in these kinds of stories, where an over-the-hill forgotten beauty is brought back to her former glory by her step son’s magic ritual or transformative seed or secret gadget or…well, there’s all kinds of ways it could happen, really, so long as reality is being thrown out the window.

For some sexy examples of step mom sex stories, try out “Watch Me – Man of the House,” when a reluctant mind-controller accidentally zaps his smoke show sister, her girlfriend, and then finally their stepmother. There’s also the “Harem Control” series, which features the hot stepmother prominently but finally has her on her knees where she belongs in part three. And then there’s “The Steps to Control,” which features a step mother taking an active part in corrupting her daughter for their new father.