Mind Control Sex Stories

Her Mind Enslaved to His Will...

Mind Control Sex Stories

Getting the girl isn’t easy for some guys. No matter how badly they want to bring a sexy babe to her knees and make her serve, she’s always been out of reach…until now, that is. In these mind control sex stories, the underdog always gets what he deserves. With a magic trinket, special tool, or secret power, they’re able to collect harems of gorgeous young women and change their minds until they’re desperate to obey. These fertile, buxom bimbo delights become simpering hot giggly trophies for these lucky guys—and often the guys become Hard-Bodied Alpha Males themselves, with giant members able to satisfy and exhaust their new loving collection of beauties. They don’t use protection, they don’t have any limits, and they definitely don’t take “no” for an answer–because after one zap of their special mind control method, “no” literally doesn’t exist in the minds of the girls they want!

My mind control sex stories are pure escapism. You know what’s tough? You know what is sometimes just plain impossible? Life. Duh. Life is tough and impossible, all the time, and increasingly so.

So, yes, you are supposed to pay attention to your diet, and sleep eight hours every night, and squat twenty minutes a day, and flex your abs while you walk and write cards for all your relatives on their birthdays and work eighty hours a week to get ahead and on and on and on, and on top of that you’ve got to break your heart into a million pieces like a dozen times before you actually find the person you’re compatible with.

Well–in these stories, all that shit takes a break, okay? The guy gets the girl, and in most cases, pretty much instantly. Only now, because he’s gotten the girl, he’s got to get her sister or her roommate to keep a lid on the situation. And then to make sure he has enough money for his new harem, he has to get his boss, and her sexy wife, and maybe that sexy aspiring model down the street…and sure, there’s effort and struggle and stakes and conflict (these are stories, after all)…but there’s also a mind-controlled fuck buddy at the end of the rainbow that he can be sure won’t break his heart.

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