Fantasy Erotica

Princesses Make The Best Slaves.

Fantasy Erotica

The name of the game here is princesses. I’m not sure if I have any fantasy erotica that doesn’t have to do with princesses in some form or another, but if I do, I’ll probably delete it or rewrite it. Heck, with my perpetually highly-aroused state (it’s the sacrifice I make to write erotic for you), I’m always two steps away from re-writing every story I’ve written to include princesses. Bimbo Office? Fie! Bimbo PRINCESS Office, that’s a real series.

I have to admit to a terrible weakness for hot, sexy, arrogant princesses in erotica. I don’t care if they’re brainwashed, mind controlled, hypnotized, coerced, or heck, if they just plain ol’ fall in love (though of course usually falling in love in my stories means finding someone to mind control someone else with…). I just love princesses falling to their knees and worshipfully making out with the cock of their new owner or lover.

Okay…you’ve got me. Queens count too. Maybe the only thing better than princesses are queens. Or Empresses. Or…Goddesses? Also sorceresses and witches. Really, any powerful, magical or quasi-magical woman whose position is kind of hereditary and esoteric is going to catch my erotic attention.

At any rate I’ve written quite a few fantasy erotica stories just for the sake of writing about hot princesses. You probably have the idea in your head already–glamorous gowns, decked out in enough jewels to buy food that could feed starving children for the rest of forever, painfully gorgeous, virginal, and with the kind of cleavage that makes you groan just thinking about it for more than three seconds. You and I are on the exact same page, and luckily that’s also more or less how I write about queens, empresses, sorceresses, and so on.

All fiction is fantasy, as a great writer once said, some of us are just more honest about it. My fantasy stories are where you can find this honest author fantasizing about hot princesses serving (usually quite cruel and evil) hot men.