Possessive Romance Books

He Won't Take "No" For an Answer...

Possessive Romance Books

Real loves leaves a mark, wouldn’t you say? Sometimes a bruised lip or a bitten neck, or sometimes emotional scars. While it’s tough to say we want to have the crazy hot and hotly crazy significant other in our lives–it’s also tough to say we always don’t, right?

Something is intrinsically erotic about a person so deeply obsessed with you that they would do anything for you. Even if they’re crazy–or heck, especially if they’re crazy! Isn’t it an awfully hot fantasy to imagine someone so interested and enthusiastic and in love with you that they’ve concocted some insane fantasy world where you’re constantly living inside a happily-ever-after?

Or there’s the other side of toxicity–the kind of partner who will be all too eager to beat the crap out of anyone who looks at his girl side ways at the drop of hat, and walks around with his girl in one hand and a bundle of hats in the other.

There’s a reason these are fantasies–in real life, any of the above would obviously be something of a nightmare. But in hot erotica fiction, we get to imagine possessive romance stories with all the good and only enough of the bad to make it a page turner. So, let’s dive headlong into an intoxicating world where fantasy meets reality.

Hot possessive romance stories of mine to check out are the entire “Power Corrupts” series (Wishful Thinking), where a clinically celebrity-obsessed man gets a wishing stone and actually makes the object of his medical-grade crush as obsessive as he is. Or there’s any of the Virgin Lust stories (like “My Quarterback Forced Me”) which star brutally hot, hunky alpha studs marking hot babes for ownership and showing them who exactly is in charge with vicious displays of strength, wealth, and power.