Taboo Erotica

Forbidden Desires Between Relatives

Taboo Erotica Books

For some hot, twisted-minded people, nothing is hotter than the forbidden. When a lucky guy picks up his new erotic mind control device, what else is he going to do but use it to zap the brain of his smokeshow stepsister or stepmother?

My taboo erotica always features some kind of familial relation–often step dads, step brothers and sisters, or step mothers. Hot stories featuring adopted parents or siblings are also written with frequency. Little code words you might see in my book blurbs are “man of the house” or “they’ve known ______ their whole life.”

Taboo erotica gives us permission to explore and indulge our forbidden fantasies without having to worry about social norms or taboos. All too often, conventional stories are limited to what society deems “acceptable” and rarely deviate from that formulaic ideal – but taboo erotica takes those barriers away. It’s not just family relationships that make taboo erotica so hot. It’s also often the fact that the characters are usually younger than their partner. These age gaps can range from a couple of years to decades, depending on the story–and, in some cases, the forbidden is made all the hotter by an exchange of power between characters as a result of such age differences.

When a person desires something that is off limits, it creates wild fantasies with a simmering element of danger. All this leads to a heightened sense of arousal and an intensity that can’t be replicated elsewhere.

Escalation is the name of the game in virtually every one of my stories. I’m always pushing boundaries and envelopes. I want your erotica experience to be just a tad unwieldy…because I know I always end with a bang.