Alpha Male Books

Strong, Capable, Indomitable, Undeniable...and Always Well-Hung.

Alpha Male Books

It’s not lost on me that the men in my stories fall pretty broadly between two categories–unassuming “lucky guys” or hard-as-nails alpha studs. And, I’ll admit, often those lucky guys sort of just become alpha studs along the way. I suppose I’m just shamelessly hypothesizing here, but my expectation is that a guy passionately worshiped by beautiful, obedient women is going to pretty quickly turn into the kind of hot hunk that makes women obedient regardless.

Sure enough, the women in my stories also have their two categories–the innocent, unvarnished beauties or the fierce, sultry vixens. And, I’ll confess, usually these sweet damsels are transformed into fiery seductresses before the tale ends. I feel it’s a natural progression; a woman who is ardently desiring and desired by strong, commanding men is bound to morph into the kind of enticing enchantress that can make men weak at their knees.

So what is it about alpha male erotica I find so fascinating? I’ve written about them in over two hundred stories, after all. Well, I could get all armchair psychologist on you, but the simple fact is that as a writer, it’s a lot easier to write about characters who take action! Alpha male erotica is all about hard, decisive men who make difficult decisions and take what they want. Their brains are as sharp as the lines between their ab muscles, and *d r o o l* are those ab muscles ever SHARP.

Being in hot, perfect shape is important for fictional alpha male erotica. How else are they going to bang so many gorgeous ladies all at once, and all the time? These are practically olympian marathon fuckers, and they’re built accordingly.

Stories of mine featuring hot alpha male erotica hunks abound, but for some particularly sexy examples, maybe check out the “Fantasy Harems” series for a trio of stories different kinds of fantastical alpha males, or the “Evil Needs” series for a particularly take-no-prisoners hunk who accepts nothing less than perfection groveling for his favor at his feet.