Cuckquean Erotica

When All That Matters is The Man's Pleasure...

Cuckquean Erotica

Anyone can bang a bimbo. That’s part of the appeal, right? A good little bimbo babe has legs so loose they’re practically revolving doors. But sometimes, our tastes are more discerning. Sometimes we ache for an amazingly gorgeous, impossibly vain, sensationally fertile, destructively arrogant Queen who knows she belongs on the very tip top of any man’s to-screw list.

I think–very technically–a cuckquean is a woman who is being cheated on by her man and who experiences compersion (excitement and arousal at her partner’s pleasure) while she watches. The cuckquean is far from powerless in this erotic tango; she is the orchestrator behind the carnal symphony. She controls his desires, guides his new lover, and encourages them both to a satisfying and delightful climax.

Usually, the way I end up thinking about cuckqueans in my stories is as a woman who is so deeply in love with her partner or Master that she needs his cock to be pleasured by another gorgeous woman besides herself (because, obviously, that’s what he deserves).

This kind of harem queen has a body so smoking hot that she leaves others in tears and sneers in delight when she sees them crying. Her erotic form inspires hard-ons and slick slots from every last person she comes across. Everyone is begging to do as she says just to earn a second of her haughty, imperious favor. And she knows she deserves it…but. Her True Purpose? Her One Goal? She needs to Kneel before her One True God, adore his virile member, beg for his baby-making seed filling up her body, and beg him to control her mind (and the minds of other gorgeous babes) as much as he wants.

Because, according to the cuckqueans I write about, women belong on their knees in front of men…and so that means the most gorgeous women of all belong on their knees in front of the most powerful man.