Virgin Erotica

First-Time Erotica to Pop Their Cherries.

Virgin Erotica

In real life, there’s no such thing as a happy harem full of just-old-enough beauties aching to serve one lucky man. That’s why erotica exists. In real life, it’s pretty questionable. In erotica, where everything is fantasy and nothing material is ever affected…it’s terrific!

There’s something salaciously sexy about the forbidden fruit of off-limits flesh. Those gorgeous fresh first-time babes who know their bodies are sparkling hot, who know how to dress to show it all off, and who don’t know that their proper place is on their knees with a bun in the oven and a pretty mouth drooling for the intimate worship of a virile, veiny, precum-shiny cock.

In my virgin erotica stories, lucky studs with special powers or artifacts are able to exercise their proper masculine place—in charge of gorgeous young women who ache to obey their every last erotic wish. Nobody in my stories uses protection, they don’t ask for permission, and they know that the young never-before-touched beauties they’re taking over will be beautiful for a LONG time to come.

That’s the beauty of virgin erotica, isn’t it? It’s why virgins have such a high status for beauty and desire in our society. Sure, there’s the obvious part of how a virgin is unspoiled and untouched and pure. I’ve no doubt that’s a significant portion of it. Good old patriarchy has made sure that we know that women only have worth if they’ve never slept with a man who isn’t their husband.

But I do think there’s just a tad more nuance. Surely you remember your own first time, and how messed up your mind was over that person? Even if you knew the relationship wouldn’t last…you always remember that first time. In virgin erotica, we’re allowed to explore that connection a little more, and can transform what was probably an awkward, shuffling, odd experience into something transcendent, life-affirming, and glorious. That lifelong connection can transform into soul-blooming love and lust, and when a stud bangs a truly hot virgin babe, we can know she’ll be his and hot forever.