Extreme Erotica

Kinkier Fun for Lust-Soaked Readers.

Extreme Erotica

It takes a while to find it—that one kink that hits you harder than any other. That makes you ache, moan, and sweat in that easy perfect way. But once you land upon it? Nothing else will do.

In my time writing erotica, I’ve had to work with and work around a lot of censors. And while my stories all remain in their original form, the same one you might have found on other sites in years past, I’ve always either hinted at or sometimes come right out and declared how sexy I think certain kinks are.

Most particularly, extreme for me refers to when I get dark–referencing or writing about murder, hurting and humiliating others, and other displays of incredible power that the (often mind-controlling) heroes and heroines of my stories possess.

What’s so sexy about extreme erotica? Well, what I’ve noticed is that most people who read my stories don’t mind it when I make things dark, and in fact urged me to go darker whenever I could! In fact, one of my best selling series ever–the Demon Obsessions series, detailing an actually-from-Hell demon fucking up a family, performing for-real demonic sacrifices, and transforming women into his succubus slaves–is pretty fucking dark!

What I think the people who enjoy this kind of extreme erotic know is that these are just stories (duh). Nothing that happens inside of a fantasy affects the material world in any physical or material way. And so, these wonderful readers think, if that’s the case, then why not get a little crazy with it? If we’re going to have a guy who mind controls perfect women to be his perfectly love-crazy disciples, why wouldn’t they be murderously protective of everything they think is his? Why not strangle a girl who thinks she’s worthy of talking with him, or sacrifice some loser just to make themselves more powerful? Not to get on my high horse or anything (I say, galloping around), but I do think the honest portrayal of deeply evil mind-controlling people should sometimes come off as, well…evil. But it’s erotica…so it should also be really hot.

Now, I will tell you–I don’t get gory. Kudos to all who do, but it’s just not my style. A super hot goddess breaking a rival’s leg to impress her Master? Hot. Definitely included. But zooming in on the broken bone or ripped flesh? Just not my style. If you’re interested in reading more, try the “Harems for Bullies” series or the “Evil Needs” series, both of which include horrible ends for secondary characters who get in the way of the arrogant, gorgeous sirens who usually end up as the cheerfully-owned harem queens of cruel alphas.