Breast Enlargement Erotica

Small breasts becoming big tits, and big tits becoming huge knockers...

Breast Enlargement Erotica

You know what’s terrific? Big tits. Huge knockers. Giant boobies…I could go on. No matter what you call them, hot women with spectacular breasts get our attention and make us stare and drool, don’t they? So, naturally, stories about breasts getting bigger (pretty much always through science-fictiony or supernatural means) are terrific! We call this Breast Enlargement Erotica.

But, what is breast enlargement erotica, and how does it differ from bimbofication erotica? How these stories differ from bimbofication is all in the personality portrayed. For the most part, I try to adhere fairly closely to the “bimbo” aesthetic–which includes their bubbly, giggly, empty-headed lifestyle and personalities.

When I want to portray a woman who is more in control of herself, or who becomes a wicked, evil compatriot corrupting a moral man (or a wicked, evil compatriot to an even more evil alpha hunk), and she gets bigger tits as a result of the story’s events…well, that’s breast enlargement erotica.

So, for example, someone like Zanthia in my “Hot Genie” series is purestrain bimbo. She’s compassionate and loving and caring, but also a total ditz and easily manipulated.

But, let’s say Maria in “Bare Body Bimbos”? (That’s all the Owned stories). Well, her tits grow as part of the story. In fact, all of her becomes much more attractive, even though she starts the story as the hottest woman in the city (you will notice I don’t believe in “starting slow.” I have an allergy to it). But she remains, throughout the entire story, a stone-cold bitch goddess with a soft spot only for her man, which exists solely because of the power he is able to give to her.

The former story is a bimbo story with some elements of bimbofication (Zanthia does transform a few girls into what she thinks, in her magical bimbo mind, must be the ideal woman for a man). The latter is a breast enlargement story, with a whole lot of corruption and harem elements baked in.