Corruption Kink Erotica Stories

Corrupted to Evil because of Endless Desire...

Corruption Kink Erotica Stories

Irresistible! The need to just try the fantastically devilish delights that Nadia Nightside stories offer. Transformations, wicked methods of control, warped minds, and nonstop rutting—that’s what my stories are all about.

But in particular, I have a fondness for corruption kink erotica stories. To be honest, I love this kink so much–and found it so little online or elsewhere–that I had to make due with my imagination for a long time. Thankfully, there’s a greater volume of corruption kink erotica stories these days, and other kinds of corruption kink media, but basically I thought I was the only one who liked this until I started writing stories with small elements of it and people asked for more.

So, what are corruption kink erotica stories? Basically, stories where good people become bad, and bad people become worse. You might check out my “Harems for Bullies” series for a good example, where each tale stars a delectably gorgeous young woman who absolutely adores her evil, corrupt, cruel, hard-as-nails bully lover and does everything she can to build and grow a harem of similarly gorgeous women for him. See, it’s not just a kink about doing bad things, but for me it’s about two people who find out they both love indulging in the wicked side. Not just a lucky guy with a magic device that gives him slaves, but a girl encouraging him to use that device as much as he wants to give him more slaves until there’s no more slaves to give.

Imagine, if you will, the devil and angel on your shoulder? Well, in these stories, the devil is a big-titted succubus goddess who seduced the sexy-as-fuck angel three million years ago, and only keeps her around to encourage you to breed her while she can cheer you on. Like that–that kind of relationship is what corruption kink erotica stories are all about.