Erotic Novels

Long-form sexy works.

Erotic Novels

I have a love/hate relationship with erotica novels and other long-form projects. I love writing them, and I hate not writing them. I also love not writing them and hate writing them. It’s complicated being an author; you’re required to look at every side of most issues, even the ones that only exist inside your own head.

I have written a fair amount of erotic novels. I enjoy being able to really get inside character’s heads for longer than my typical erotica (which, you may know, already run longer than most other erotica).

I can’t abide slow plots, even in novels. I don’t wait for the 4th season of a tv show for it to get good, and I’ve stopped watching more movies than I can count after twenty minutes when they couldn’t hold my attention. I pay special attention to the plots in my long-form erotic novels, and want you to feel like your new favorite characters are in jeopardy if you stop reading and don’t find out their fates. I want what happens to them to be exciting, intriguing, and thought-provoking, and I don’t really believe in slowing down the pace.

Like all my work, there are high-quality, vividly described sex scenes. What makes my erotic novels hot isn’t just the temperature-raising scenes where characters surrender to their passions. It’s also the simmering tension built up over chapters. So, these hot scenes tend to be built up a little more, and there’s often stronger waves of affection around them instead of just pure lust…but they are intense and steamy. I believe in Happily Ever After endings (that’s HEA for you romance neophytes out there) and while I don’t really write insta-love, I do write plenty of insta-lust.