Transformation Erotica

Becoming Sex Gods and Goddesses in Body and Mind

Transformation Erotica

The hottest babes ever serving the hunkiest studs alive—that’s a lot of my stories advertise. Beautiful, buxom babes with overflowing cups get down on their knees and use their mouths and hands to utterly worship the men of their dreams. Maybe they wanted to give in all along, maybe they had to be convinced to serve, or maybe those lucky studs possess something—an animalistic vigor, a magic potion, or a special device—that makes “No” mean “Yes” in the minds of beautifully fertile women. No matter what, when the virile, hot white seed of these men is pumped into their scintillating, sexy queens, the bimbo goddesses can’t help but give their studs the heirs they deserve.

I know that a lot of fiction out there encourages you to imagine someone kind of…mousy. Maybe the girls are “unsure” of their curves, or the guys are lacking in confidence. But…well. Look–I write erotica, and at some point or another, erotica is about fucking. And I don’t know about you, but when I think about people having sex, I want to think about the most attractive people imaginable. And for fun, I love thinking about normal folks transformed into really hot people, or (even better) really hot people transformed into living incarnations of beauty and sex.

Sometimes people ask me–very politely and respectfully, which I appreciate–why are all the women in your stories so unrealistically gorgeous, and why do all the men pack such massive dongs and sport marble-hard physiques?

And my answer is kind of…well…it’s just more honest. It’s not realistic, but honesty and realism are two different things. Your mind is an unstoppable engine of escalation that can always think of the next best thing–this is biology. You’re always going to want newer, younger, better, hotter, faster, sexier, more-er. I like to hit the ground running, start off hot, and go even hotter. She’s got 36Ds? Not for long. They can be way bigger. His cock is six inches? How realistic! It’s about to be double that. Why not, ladies and gentlemen. This is fantasy, and an honest fantasy has zero limits, no excuses, and nothing to apologize for.

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