Hardcore Erotica

Real Lust Leaves Marks...

Hardcore Erotica

Some people love it rough! The hot cracks of a good slap. Choke marks on her throat. Bruises and scratches of love all along her body. These are the signposts of hardcore erotica nights with the strongest, most virile men possible—bikers, athletes, gang members—the kind who don’t understand the word “No.”

These mark her as fertile property to fill whenever he likes, to bring her to her submissive knees with wet desire and make her body ache with enough pleasure to burn out suns. No matter how tame and civilized we try to tell ourselves we are, there’s something that remains unassailable in our desires—the rougher, the better. Sex just isn’t as good, not as passionate or pantie-soaking or cock-hardening, if it doesn’t leave a mark.

But beyond the physical, it’s the mental enthrallment that fuels the desire. The surrender, the dangerous dance of power and control, knotted into a beautiful paradox of strength and vulnerability. For these women, it’s not just about the burning sensation that lingers on their skin after a fiery encounter, but it’s also about the latent thrill, the taut anticipation of what comes next.

Hardcore erotica is all about fucking–that naughty stuff we’re supposed to imagine when there’s a “fade to black.” I write it all, and in the stories with this tag, I tend to be a little more visceral and write at a little longer length about the high-intensity bang sessions between really gorgeous people.

In the world of hardcore erotica, nothing is off-limits or too taboo. The demure maidens and innocent damsels who begin these stories are no more, transforming into carnal creatures of their primal desires. They’re drawn to the wrong kind of men, those with eyes that promise wicked things and lips that taste of sin. The dangerous allure of bad boys—in their leather jackets, tattoos visible and muscles barely contained in their shirts—strums a chord deep inside them that resounds with raw sexual power.