Lactation Erotica

Overflowing Cups Spilling Over with Hot Cream and Milk...

Lactation Erotica

Huge knockers. Sweater stretchers. Titillating jugs. Tig Ol’ Bitties. There’s a thousand names for our favorite part of a gorgeous babe’s rockin’ bod, but they all come down to the same thing—sumptuous breasts that look good enough to fantasize about forever.

That’s what my lactation erotica stories are all about. Beautiful women with big, bouncing boobs in teensy tiny outfits, revealing their all and showing off for the Alpha Males in their lives (who are always virile and ready to pump their chosen girls full of hot, white, unprotected seed).

But I’m all about escalation. So what could make big tits even better, when they’re already like the most aesthetically-perfect thing ever?

Why, how about when they’re sported by a beauty so completely fertile that her breasts overflow with creamy, delicious milk to show off what a perfectly rutting mate she is? In these stories, normal cuties get turned into divine goddesses of erotica (sometimes by choice…and sometimes not), and they always land on their knees or their backs to serve the Real Men they were born to adore. The milk gets everywhere–used as lubrication, slurped down during the act, or sometimes acts as a method of transformation all by itself when a cunning bimbo-brained siren surreptitiously slides her sexy sinful tit milk down the gullet of some unsuspecting young beauty.

In my tales of lactation erotica, the volume gets turned up to eleven. The girls don’t just have big knockers—they’re abundant, overflowing fountains of sensuality and mouthwatering temptation. Exposed or hidden under thin layers of fabric that leave little to the imagination, these hijinks happen in bedrooms, kitchens, offices—wherever titillation strikes!

Check out the “Fertile Harems” stories to see what happens when government-mandated Trophy Wives invade normal people’s homes and start transforming their bodies and brains with their special milk, or take a look at “Bimbo Town” to read a heartwarming tale of self-discovery as a mind-controlled ultra-beauty returns to consciousness in a mouthwatering, lactating body!