Menage Romance eBooks

Multiple Partners Multiply the Pleasure!

Menage Romance eBooks

I’d say I’m a little unusual in the erotica field of mind control and dubcon and all of that because, while I do love all those naughty and extreme topics, I’m definitely a romantic at heart. Thus, a whole lot gets categorized as menage romance ebooks because I just adore thinking about truly bad men with adoring, lovestruck and mindfucked wives.

Like, yes, I love writing about supremely hot alpha hunk fuck studs who can break brick walls with their cocks and stomp down armies effortlessly, who enslave and impregnate all the hot barely legal virgins they want, and who definitely will murder whole worlds full of innocents and inferiors just to establish their own indomitable will…but I also want said hunk to be in love!

Even better, naturally, if there’s a menage involved (or any kind of multiples). Love is the hottest thing there is, as I’m sure you know. Nothing beats passionate, urgent, intimate, vulnerable sex with a partner you trust completely, so why wouldn’t the ultimate alpha male have as much of that as they wanted?

In my menage romance ebooks, you’ll find not just the intense and tantalizing erotic scenes that you’ve come to expect, but those moments of tender vulnerability and genuine connection that makes love so intoxicating.

I like to explore the complex dynamics that exist within these multiple relationships. How do these alpha males navigate the intricate labyrinth of love, lust, and loyalty with their shared partners? How do our submissive heroines manage their overwhelming desires for these powerful men and also share their fledgling sisterhood with jaw-droppingly sexy slave girls, and also eagerly create new plans to delight their Master so they don’t lose his loving attention?

The answer is wrapped up in layers upon layers of intense emotion in these menage romance ebooks, with tons of heated dialogue and fiery passion. These books aren’t just about the dominance and submission – they’re about the hearts behind the doms and the subs. The hearts that yearn for connection amidst the carnal chaos, that seek affection in the midst of hardcore action.