Complete Erotica Book Series

Bundles of Joy and Lust just for You.

Erotica Book Series

There’s a kind of person out there who I’ve heard of, but I’m not sure I believe in–the patient kind.

Do you know anyone like this? Someone who is willing to wait for an entire SERIES of books to be done before reading? Can you imagine the sheer willpower and mental fortitude required to do such a thing? I can’t even wait until noon to have three cups of coffee.

And can you imagine a reader of mine–attentive, respectful, dutiful, and with the deepest pockets possible just constantly hovering over the “donate money” buttons circulating around my Patreon (an author can dream…)–waiting for months for bundles of my stories to release?

Well, these people exist. These people might be you! These people should know that I release bundles of all my stories…eventually. If you want them while they’re hot, you pay a little more for the privilege. I think that’s fair? If you’re willing to wait, usually I knock down stories by a certain percentage. Those of you who can’t stand not chipping in for a good deal will find a world of delights awaiting you within my bundles.

These story bundles are usually three stories of a series (which is typically all I write for a series) bundled together. The prices for these vary, but typically for the stories I’ve written since 2020 they are $7.99. That’s three stories bundled together, which individually are usually $2.99. So, if you see a bundle of stories priced less than $7.99, it’s typically an even better deal!

I often also have THEME bundles, which are almost always 20 stories bundled together and cost $9.99. The exception are my Just 18 Stories bundles, because I can’t abide not being clever.

But overall, if you are the kind of reader who wants to support me but also loves nailing a great deal, bundles are the way to go.