Bimbo Cheerleaders

They come back to school to find every girl bimbofied and waiting to worship him as a god…


Young Brent has been in love with gorgeous, wonderful, innocent Amber for as long as he can remember, but he’s unable to risk their friendship for the sake of his desire. The two students arrive back at school after a long camping trip, and find the entire campus body transformed—literally. All the boys are gone, and all the girls—teachers included—have become big-titted, long-haired, beautifully-bodied cheerleader bimbos. Their bright, bubbly, bimbo cheering transforms any woman who hears it into a giggly, hot bimbo babe just like them. These cheering bimbos want to make Amber a bimbo just like them, and more than that, they say they need to treat Brent like a stud king for the rest of his days. They’re desperate to suck, stroke, serve, and—if Brent would just agree—to have their feminine, fertile bodies be filled up completely by his virile stud load. Brent wants to be noble and resist. Clearly, something out of the ordinary has happened. But, Amber has had him in the Friend Zone for so long, and he’s just a regular guy. If Amber herself transformed and started to beg Brent like the other girls, he doesn’t know how he would hold out. They’ve got to get out of the school before it’s too late!

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