Bimbo Office Bundle

A thrilling saga of a business-minded woman who succumbs to the madness and power of unrestrained lusts in service to her mind-controlling master!


She transforms from needing to be in charge to needing to worship the man who took her job…

Gorgeous young Delilah has worked her whole life for one spot in the political world—and right when it was supposed to be hers, alpha male Miles took it away. She should hate him. Instead, all she can think of is worshiping him, serving him, and making other girls do the same. Delilah becomes his Top Harem Girl and does everything she can to make sure he has a whole harem of fertile-bodied, big-breasted babes adoring him from every angle. Miles has hot unprotected, first-time sex with all the hot young babes he wants.
Even crazier, all their bodies have started changing—making her even hotter, sexier, tighter, bustier. They needs his babies. Their cups are overflowing, their knees are getting weak, and they’re pleasuring themselves nonstop…all because of Miles. Delilah knows she should stop herself before she goes too far, and recruits the girl that will replace her and doom her to a life of brainless servitude, but it just feels so good to give Miles whatever he wants…

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