Bimbo Processing Unit – His Secret Desires

See the story from the other side! The agents following the VR Helmet have a sexy saga of their own.


She was supposed to stop him. Instead, she’s helping him own every girl he wants…

The bimbofication process is simple–pop the helmet onto an innocent, first-time girl, and watch as she transforms into a hyper-sexual fertile goddess desperate to kneel and serve. These babes want nothing more than to be happy housewives for their Owners and gleefully open their wet mouths and long legs at every erotic opportunity. But where did the B.P.U. come from and why was it unleashed on the world? This tantalizing, thrilling tale follows the brilliantly sexy Special Agent Snow as she discovers the true nature of the B.P.U…and as she is corrupted by its ability to capitalize on her previously-thought-impossible needs for a True Alpha God to take her, own her, fill her with heirs, and make her his forever.

WARNING: This intensely erotic story features a woman getting off to witnessing a lucky man completing his own harem full of blissed-out beautiful women—including some who have known him their whole lives—who are desperate to orgasm again and again (and again!) at his gentlest command.

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