Bimbo Processing Unit – The Bundle

All four stories from the BPU series are here, featuring a special helmet that mind controls the hottest women around.


He was on the verge of losing it all. Instead, he gains a harem of worshipful dolls…

Down-on-his-luck salesman John just can’t catch a break. His wife hates him and the rest of the household doesn’t respect him. He can’t make a sale, can’t make his women happy, and he’s so depressed he can’t even get hard anymore. Then he finds a strange virtual reality helmet that gives him the home of his dreams—featuring women who are even-more-beautiful versions of the ones he already knows, desperate to dress up for him, please him, and make him as hard as possible. They’re fertile, smiling, and desperate for his seed. They want him to erotically own their minds and their wills and every part of their sensuous bodies. They’re members of his private harem and they know he’s their owner, forever. But the magic of the technology doesn’t stop there. John gets hard, stays hard, and gets bigger too. What’s more, the personalities of these artificial women can be implanted in the real world, into the real women…and his fantasy can come to life if he just slips the helmet on their heads. He gets greedy, and he wants more, and more, and more, and the gorgeous women of his harem are only too happy to oblige him…

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