Bimbo Salon 2

She’s turned into a bimbo just like all the other women in town…can she change back?


“I can’t stop needing to serve him…”

There’s only one thing certain in the strange, erotic town of Passion Heights: something wickedly hot is happening at the Happy Hair Salon. Strong, independent women go in, and giggly, fertile sexpots obsessed with serving their Husbands and creating heirs come out. The beautiful Betty finds this out firsthand when her voluptuous friend Jasmine investigates the Salon and comes out six sizes slimmer (except in her bust, of course, which is bigger than ever, and overflowing with creamy goodness) and utterly obsessed with her Husband’s huge, virile member. Betty must help her friend, and the rest of the women of this town, somehow. But whatever is happening to those women affects her too—she can hardly be in her own Man’s presence without turning into a puddly mess of lust, and her knees knock with primal need just from imagining how he fills her up with his potent loads. With her own appointment at the Happy Hair Salon mandated by her husband, Betty has to figure out the secret of Passion Heights soon—or else she will become a giggly, nymphomaniac bimbo with overflowing cups just like all her friends.

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