Bound Control

The magic shop sells him ropes that make hot girls obey!


The ropes made her obey.

Unappreciated and ignored, geeky David feels doomed to never get laid. Even with being a nice guy to every girl he encounters, they still treat him like the loser he was branded as in high school. The love of his life, blond and busty Amy, won’t even give him a second thought, and the arrogant, exotic beauty Catalina—who is responsible for his standing at the bottom of the social ladder—humiliates him every chance she can get. But that’s all about to change. A gorgeous shop owner at the new antique store in town, Possessions, has given him a mystical set of ropes that will give him total control over any gorgeous babe he chooses. No matter what they thought before, they’ll happily obey every last command of his, no matter if it’s incredibly erotic or involves producing him new heirs. Soon, he has Amy under his total control, falling deeply in love with him and desperate to have her fertile body filled…and the innocent, gorgeous Catalina is next.

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