Bust Ray – The Bundle

The Bust Ray transforms women into hotties and hot women into MEGA-hotties! Lucky nerds get even luckier in these tales.


“It turns them into walking sex fantasies. I can’t believe it!”

In these THREE hot stories, a random lucky man finds the magical Bust Gun—and he uses its immense power to gather himself a harem full of beautiful, adoring pets. What’s even hotter is that the Bust Gun transforms him too—making him stronger, taller, more muscular and virile—and also makes his harem girls ultra-fertile and fills their overflowing cups with dripping goodness.

In Bust Gun: The Locker Room, Roderick turns his ex-girlfriend into the adoring partner he deserves, along with a few of her beautiful friends. In Bust Gun: The Sleepover, a lucky young man turns his entire household into his personal pit of playthings. And in Bust Gun: The Shoot, two gorgeous supermodels and a photographer fall prey to the Bust Gun’s power, and become the super servants of their new studly god.

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