Controlling the Detectives

She finds out the evil Master who has been corrupting women…but she wants to be corrupted willingly.


She had to resist, but wanted so badly to give in!

Beautiful, secretly submissive detective Heather Key and her lovely partner Sandra Harrera are investigating a local sorority house, believing the girls there have entered some kind of prostitution ring. Heather finds out that the house is actually under the control of an amoral young man, Jared, with a special device which lets him control whoever he wants, however he wants. He has unlimited sex with these lovely women, he gives them endless orgasms, and he makes frequent use of their fertile bodies to give himself new heirs. This is the substance of Heather’s deepest, darkest fantasies, and even though she’s a cop and obligated to take Jared down, she doesn’t know how long she can hold in her arousal or stay off her knees!

This explicitly detailed erotic romp features a sexy detective struggling with her inner-submissive side. Readers will experience her dark thrills as she watches and gets off to other gorgeous beauties being controlled (one at a time and en masse), leading up to her climactic struggle against the Jared himself, inside of a house full of mesmerized hotties eager to do his bidding!

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