Dark Passions of the Billionaire

She has to do what he says or he’ll fire her…and even worse, he won’t love her.


Sophia’s new boss, billionaire Gerald Sand, is demanding, exacting, and eccentric. And, quite accidentally, Sophia discovers that he’s also a true dominant male. This news awakens Sophia’s long-dormant submissive needs, which she had long ago pushed under a mountain of sexual frustration created by her tumultuous love life.

Fresh out of college, Sophia is desperate for purpose and zest. And so, she plunges headfirst into an elaborate plan to show Mr. Sand the full, hot extent of her needy service to him. Day by day, Sophia lets her outfits get hotter and hotter, entering a dark, twisted game of erotic seduction with her hunky boss that she’s desperate to win.

But Sand is as kinky as he is wealthy. More than that, his tightly-wound emotional core is hidden behind a maze of cold, distant control; his soul is damaged almost beyond repair after a lifetime of heartbreak. Even if Sophia is able to convince him to want her, there’s no telling if she’ll be strong enough to become exactly the kind of submissive he needs.

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