Forbidden Alpha Men – Blake

She wants her big bro returning soldier all to herself!


“I know it’s wrong. I don’t care.”

Since graduating, the young and innocent Cassandra is still the hottest babe in town. But, she’s still not interested in any of the boys or even the girls where she lives. Only the men of her house will do, like Blake. Blake is a hung alpha stud, with a hard body molded by years of service in the military. Cassandra has known Blake her whole life, but he’s been away protecting the country for a long time—far too long for Cassandra’s liking. She’s had the biggest crush on him for so long that she can’t remember ever feeling differently. Now that he’s home from his foreign tours, she needs him to help her feel safe, the same way that he’s been keeping the country safe for so long. The fertile Cassandra is determined to give him the hot, erotic hero’s welcome he deserves, and show him that for her—it’s all in the household, or nothing at all! *This story was previously released under as “My Spicier Confession.”* Other titles from this author have had similarly cosmetic changes–check Nadia Nightside’s author profile page for details!

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