From Scientist to Bimbo

A bimbofying twist on Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde!


“I know I should stop…but I just want to be a hottie all the time…”

By taking a sexy serum, the overweight Candice becomes the hypersexual bimbo Candi, who is everything a man could ever want! She sucks, she strokes, she performs every last hot erotic deed in the book, giggling and orgasming uncontrollably all the while!

But soon, Candi begins taking over Candice’s normal personality…and a hot, amoral alpha male billionaire stud funding Candice’s experiments only encourages Candi’s sexy habits! If Candice isn’t able to get everything under control, then Candi’s going to take over Candice’s life permanently. And if Candi does that, she’s going to give the sexy bimbofication serum to her new billionaire owner, letting him transform and own any woman he wants!

This hot bimbofication tale is EXTRA LONG—a full novella featuring your favorite transformation kinks in a way that only Nadia Nightside can!

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