Her Alpha, Untamed

Their hot one-night stand turns serious when other witches start to demand their due.


At any time, Elly’s new lover, William, can turn into a hulking stud god, capable of breaking the minds and wills of any woman he comes across. But, for whatever reason, Elly is immune to having her will sucked away…much to her chagrin, at times, as she finds herself incredibly turned on by the thought of being dominated ruthlessly by an alpha stud.

When Elly’s neighbor Katya reveals herself to be a witch-in-disguise, Elly learns that the great power she’s felt within herself is in fact her own burgeoning witchhood. She finds out also that William’s hidden side is a source of immense power for witches—the kind that can be drained away to provide centuries of youth and beauty for Elly and Katya. Will Elly give in to the luster of eternal youth and beauty, or will she be able to fight for the one shot she’s ever had at true love?

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