Hot Genie – Final Wishes

A billionaire genius takes control of the bimbo genie’s power and transforms her into his permanent slave.


“But if I give You my power…you’ll be God. And You want me to…be God’s concubine?”

Zanthia is a sexy airhead genie obsessed with making her Owner hard and happy, but she is forbidden from every touching any man. Doomed to an eternity of chastity, she lives vicariously through women she transforms into gorgeous brainless sex-obsessed bimbos to please Men.
But her newest Owner—a hunky billionaire who has everything already—has figured out how to touch her. He’s figured out how to kiss her. He’s figured how to take her virginity and fill her up full of his virile, white-hot seed. The problem is—he wants all her power for himself, and he’s going to use it to reshape the world in his own twisted image. And Zanthia, so completely turned on by actually being able to feel the love of a Man, doesn’t think she has it in her to stop him…

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