Lust Fever

A sex virus is on the loose! Everyone infected transforms into a lust-crazy being who aches to fuck and breed no matter what. This is where it starts, in a lab outbreak…


Rebecca and Frank couldn’t be more opposite. He’s a randy, womanizing alpha-male handyman; she’s a stodgy-but-lovely corporate lawyer with no time for sex. But when they volunteer for a special experiment, locked in a room together for hours, all their differences stop mattering.

They don’t know it, but they’ve been injected with a special virus. It floods through their bodies and lights their brains—and their loins—on fire. Rebecca’s first-world desires slowly dissolve to nothing more than a need for a hot, virile male to fill her fertile body. And Frank’s womanizing, use-them-and-lose-them manner transforms into fierce feelings of protection for the luscious woman he’s made his mate. Their bodies overload on nonstop erotic pleasures, and they can’t help but want more. They have no protection, and they don’t care.

What they’re feeling is primal. Unstoppable. Heated and crafted from the elements of pure bliss.

It’s Lust Fever…and there’s no cure.

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