Maid Bare 2 – Milk Maid

The newest maid at the billionaire’s estate starts leaking seductive milk from her lactating tits…


“If I didn’t obey, I’d be fired.”
Mousy and alone, Abbey has never felt included in her entire life. When she enters the employ of the billionaire Castle estate as a maid, she expects them to be snobs like everyone else she’s ever met. But they seem eager to be the friends she’s always waited for: the busty Claudette, the gorgeous Lilah, the tattooed stud Terrence, and the mysterious and dominant Mister Castle. Each of them wants intimate, hot relations with Abbey almost right away. And they’re all eager to transform Abbey into a better version of herself—one who is friendlier, happier, and much, much sexier. For one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, she’s agreed to do anything they ask for a year. They ask her to clean; okay, no problem. They ask her to wear hot outfits; weird, but she’ll do it to keep her job. They ask her to perform twisted, intimate favors; everyone is so sexy that she just has to do as they say. But, it gets too hot to handle when they tell her to start taking special vitamins. These pills make her look like a pin-up girl, they make her a perfectly fertile vessel for one of Mister Castle’s heirs…and they fill her 36DD cups until they’re running over!

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