Me Too! – Casting Couch

Me Too – Casting Couch by Nadia Nightside. A sexy seductress corrupts hot starlets and models to serve a lecherous producer’s every desire…


“They should never have tattled on you, Sir. You deserved to do whatever you wanted to do to them…”
After reading the Book, failed model and actress Lillian is transformed into a nubile-bodied, lithe, busty, toned, insta-perfect angel-faced beauty. She understands that her only real role in life is to recruit other gorgeous actresses, models, and influencers for the man she knows is her new Owner.
The only issue? Well, he doesn’t know he’s her new Owner, and in fact he rejected her once already in favor of taking advantage of other, prettier, younger starlets. But that was before she was a living, breathing sex bomb smokeshow, and before she had recruited the hottest actress in Hollywood to be his number one girl, and before she had recruited *another* up-and-coming fashion model just in case they needed someone to play with. All she has to do is break into his house, ambush him with hot-bodied babes utterly transformed by the Book, and hope for the best.
WARNING: This steamy hot erotic story features a gorgeous young woman absolutely in love with becoming the obedient, eager servant of her boss. She has absolutely no code of ethics except pleasing her Man, and who is willing to sacrifice anything and anyone to make him hard, happy, and wealthy.

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