Me Too! – Cheerleader Frenzy

Trapped in a cabin during a blizzard, a bevy of beautiful cheerleaders begin to be brainwashed by the power of the mysterious, erotic Book…


“It was such an honor for you to grope us. We should have thanked you ages ago, Sir…”
Caught inside of an isolated cabin during a freak blizzard, Mallory’s cheerleading team has to contend with impossibly erotic supernatural forces slowly transforming them into fertile, subservient, empty-brained, perfect-bodied dolls. One of them has started reading The Book, and its corrupting influence will transform each of them into the eager, dripping, moaning pet of the chauvinistic jock-stud quarterback stuck in the cabin with them–the one who has casually undermined and demeaned them with ease already, thanks to his invincible wealth. Will they be able to resist and fight back, or will they succumb to becoming eager trophies for an alpha stud who knows a woman’s true place is on her knees?
WARNING: This steamy hot erotic story features a group of gorgeous barely legal babes falling in love with the idea of being objectified by a strong, misogynistic alpha male.  They have absolutely no code of ethics except pleasing their Man, and are willing to sacrifice anything and anyone to make him hard, happy, and wealthy.

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