Me Too! – Office Fantasy

The unattractive Brigitte finds a magic book and becomes a sexual dynamo, aching to submit to her boss…


“Why should anyone else have any money or happiness? You deserve it all, Sir…”
After reading The Book, and being transformed by its mysterious erotic powers into a walking sex goddess capable of seducing anyone with a glance, Brigitte has found her purpose. She knows she is supposed to be a willing, eager, fertile, sultry harem girl for her stud boss. Brigitte wants him to harass her gorgeous new body constantly—grope her, feel her up, take advantage of her, gaslight her, bang her on the side, and go home to his doting wife.
The only problem? Well, her boss actually loves his hot young wife and convincing him to cheat on her is no small task. But what if it wasn’t cheating? All Brigitte has to do is corrupt the entire office, convince her hot blonde babe supervisor to join her growing harem, and seduce her boss’s beautiful wife into being an obedient servant just like them. Easy, right?
WARNING: This steamy hot erotic story features a gorgeous young woman absolutely in love with becoming the obedient, eager servant of her boss. She has absolutely no code of ethics except pleasing her Man, and who is willing to sacrifice anything and anyone to make him hard, happy, and wealthy.

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