Owned by Bare Lust – The Supermodel

She’s never met anyone who controls her body and mind like him, and she’s willing to do anything to get him to do it again.


“I can’t stay away, Sir…I need you.”

Weeks ago, Brazilian supermodel Juliana Santos–the highest paid model in the world–had a short encounter with billionaire Nathan Southern that left her on her knees, adoring his manhood completely after just a few minutes. His stark masculinity and endless wealth—not to mention his huge unprotected member–had some kind of power over her will, reducing her frigid, feminist exterior into a sizzling-hot, supplicating interior.

She ran away shortly after, humiliated at his total power over her, and how every name he called her slid inside of her soul. Ever since then, she’s tried to forget.

Juliana pleasures herself in creative ways. She seduces women in bars. It hasn’t been working. Nathan wants her pregnant—which would no doubt ruin her career—but she can’t help herself. She can’t stop reliving the perfect moments on her knees in front of Nathan where she was his perfect supermodel servant. And she can’t help but feel herself retreating, ever so slowly, into that perfect state of bliss once again—even though she knows Nathan will fill her fertile body with his unprotected load.

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