Owning My Ex

It’s time to complete his harem with his ultra-hot, frigid ex-girlfriend and to turn her into a sex goddess worthy of being at his side once again!


“We all belong to you…and we all want you to own even more hot girls, Sir…”

Victor was just a regular guy with a nowhere sex-life. Then, he found out that his masculine seed puts any gorgeous woman he wants into an obedient trance. It would have been smart to be discreet about reshaping their strong wills and beautiful bodies to his service, but Victor was overwhelmed with the sudden power. Now, it’s all starting to unravel.
Desperate for absolution, he comes clean to the first beautiful babe he controlled—Mallory. But Mallory’s mind is so warped and dirty at this point that she loves Victor’s new power. In fact, she wants to cheer him on while he brings even more sexy beauties under his spell, even including his delectably gorgeous, snobby ex-girlfriend, Audrey.
Controlling all these women, making them love everything about him, reforming their wills until they worship him and are eager to perform every single depraved and erotic act he can think of—Victor knows it’s wrong. He knows he should stop, even though all his new servants beg for more. But the only woman he can turn to now for help is the same ex-girlfriend who broke his heart. And wrong though it may be, that model-perfect, innocent, fertile beauty is one Victor has been dying to own for as long as he can remember.

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