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They mocked him. Rejected him. Now he’s going to make them kneel.


They mocked him. Rejected him. Now he’s going to make them kneel.
Boris—ugly, awkward, and anti-social—is routinely humiliated at the modeling agency where he works. He’s surrounded by gorgeous women all day long, women he could never be rich or handsome enough to attain, and they make sure to let him know it. But when he obtains a special jade camera, any hottie caught in its frame suddenly becomes his obedient erotic servant!
Very quickly, he begins accumulating a harem of ultra-hot servants. Will the ultra-hot top models notice before they’re captured, or will their arrogance be erased as Boris has his way with their bodies and minds?
WARNING: This hot story features lots and lots of sex between an incredibly lucky, unattractive loser and mind-blowingly sexy supermodel babes! He uses his power of control to breed multiple girls at a time and indulges in their brainless, bimbofied worship of him.

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