Sexcretary Saga

Sexy babes galore are mind-controlled into becoming the hot servants of a talented fellow.


“Kneel down before you? Like this, Sir?”

Impossibly beautiful women like aspiring models and actresses have problems, too. They don’t know which strong, alpha male to bend their knees to in worshipful, erotic service for the rest of their lives. They’re not sure who to let breed them silly. They have trouble deciding who’s going to be the One Lucky Guy to pop their cherries. Luckily, Albert Stout knows he’s the answer to all these problems—and if one of these beautiful women thinks otherwise, he’s got a special computer program that will entrance their sexy bodies forever and transform their independent minds into his obedient, loving playthings. Once he’s finished, these gorgeous beauties will serve and suck him any way he likes; he’ll use their fertile bodies to make himself heirs and have his way with an entire harem of gorgeous lovedolls. But only if they can’t figure out his plan first… This hot bundle contains all THREE stories of the Sexcretary Saga—”Sexcretary,” “New Sexcretary,” and “Model Sexcretary” involving the lightning-hot mesmerism of gorgeous young women until they’re convinced they’re just the sexy little subservient secretaries to one, all-important, supremely lucky guy.

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