Sorcerous Seduction – Ballet Harem

The hot ballerinas rejected him…now they live for him!


“My Ancient Power Will Be At Your Command, Lord…And So Too Will Be These Gorgeous Women…”
On a castle tour through Europe, John is joined at a medieval landmark by a company of gorgeous, arrogant ballerinas. When they’re not ignoring him, they’re mocking him. He thinks it’s just his luck to be downtrodden by these remarkably hot women, but then he stumbles across the grimoire of the magically intoxicating, hyper-hot Morgana le Fay. Imbued with her power, he’s able to corrupt the ballerinas into becoming his erotically obsessed, lovestruck dolls aching to breed for him and turn as many hotties as possible into his servants. But will this deal with the mysterious Morgana require him to kneel as well?
WARNING: This Nadia Nightside erotica stunner features incredibly arrogant, vain, gorgeous women becoming the eager, willing servants of one lucky guy! He uses dark, forbidden magic to get his way up to and including the sacrifice of a ballerina to spread her youth, vitality, and beauty to others.

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