Wishful Thinking – The Bundle

He uses a wishing stone to get the girl of his dreams, and she uses his wishing stone to give him even more…


“Please…wish for even more? You deserve it, Sir…”

Everyday guy James, gifted with a wishing stone, immediately transforms his celebrity crush to be as obsessed with him as he is with her. Only…she’s power hungry and now that she’s under his control, her only real morality is making him hard. That means she’s constantly begging him to wish for more power, more wealth, more women, and a larger and larger empire to serve him. She aches for him to have a whole harem full of eager breeding beauties to take advantage of however he wants. She knows it’s what he deserves, after all.

But with reality being rewritten over and over again, the two obsessive power-hungry lovebirds attract some unwanted attention, and before long they’re managing problems of galactic proportions!
WARNING: The hero’s morality doesn’t stand up to a stiff breeze (or a stiff something else…). Temptations are offered and indulged in, and bad things happen to bystanders so that our hero can live out his most erotic fantasies and breed with a massive harem of his own design.

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