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“Heir Salon: The Series” all bundled up just for you!

Happy New Year everybody! Have a great start to your annual erotica collection with my latest release, “Heir Salon: The Series.” This new bundle out NOW has all three stories from the magnificently sexy “Bimbo Passion” series, including “Heir Salon,” “Heir Salon 2,” and “Heir Salon 3.”

This hot series (available on Kindle Unlimited!) contains all kinds of kinky subjects, including bimbofication/transformation, HUGE dicks, big tits, boobjobs/titfucks, creampie/impregnation/bareback sex, lactation, mind control/hypnosis, group sex, harems, and SO much more!

Check it out TODAY!

Here’s the Official Blurb:

In Passion Heights, all the women are gorgeous, big-breasted, statuesque bimbos and all the men are handsome, well-hung hunks. Every woman is fertile and every man is virile; they never use protection and can’t stop making heirs. Betty, a beautiful stalwart feminist, moves in with her husband, and immediately begins to investigate the strange town with her lovely neighbor Jasmine, another newcomer. But Betty and Jasmine aren’t immune to the town’s bimbofying charms—in fact, they’re as susceptible as anyone, and as they discover more and more, they’re only inserted deeper into the trappings of their new erotic society.
Soon, Betty and Jasmine both realize their place as perfect, servile, gorgeous bimbo wives for their newly-stud-bodied husbands. They clean, cook, suck, and rut, all with overflowing cup full of creamy delights. But, someone powerful and more masculine than any other man in town has special designs on the beautifully bimbofied Betty, and will change every aspect of her sexy new life for his pleasure.

The Bimbo Salon Series