Nadia Nightside’s Blog > “Lust Party 3” is brand new and out right now!

“Lust Party 3” is brand new and out right now!

Hellooooo erotica fans! I’ve got a brand new story for you that I’m just SO excited about–“Lust Party 3.” This hot tale features probably some of your very favorite favorites–a hot young beauty mind controlled to be absolutely in love with alpha studs, huge cocks, her own gorgeously bimbofied body, breeding heirs for virile studs with her fertile curves, encouraging sex with barely legal virgins, and so much MUCH more!

This story concludes the saga of Morgan Malls for the time being. She’s been through quite the wringer, transforming from a stolid, serious reporter to a bimbo goddess and now…the moment of truth. Will she be a sober, quiet, research-driven professional forever, or will she toss all that away to let her mind become irrevocably obsessed with cock? You’ll have to read to find out!

 SO! If you’re ready for a crazy orgiastic orgasmic orgy party town time, make sure you check out “Lust Party 3” today!

Here’s the Official Blurb:

Everyone there was so turned on…and all because of her.

Beautiful young reporter Morgan Malls has been through the lion’s den and escaped…barely. She’s resisted the changes of her hot, transformed, new body and is determined to live a serious, sober life.
But more erotic temptations await her. The ability to become a sexual goddess once again is frightfully easy, and her mindblowingly sexy co-worker Colette is aching to see it happen. With Colette so hot and seductive, Morgan can’t resist for long. But if she gives in this time, it will be forever. She’ll be nothing but a sexy nymphomaniac with a mind full of nothing but sexual service to strong, alpha men. Every part of her mind will be dedicated to being a luscious, hot, fertile plaything for the hunkiest stud she can find, eager to be pumped full of heirs from his massive, virile member.
Because at the Lust Party, insanely good sex is the order of the day…and the party never ends.



She opened the door, looking down at the mat, expecting to see a package. Instead she saw a set of gorgeous white heels attached to an even more gorgeous pair of legs. A small pit of dread opened in her stomach, combating with the instant spread of arousal blossoming in her chest and pussy.

The legs slipped up into a tight, white minidress, the kind club sluts wore when they wanted to get laid fast, with little patches of open skin on the side and up the front revealing toned tabs and impossibly huge tits.

It was Colette. Her blond hair curled down one side of her impeccable face, bright blue eyes staring with predatory desire at Morgan.

“Hey doll,” she chirped. She blew a big bubble of pink bubblegum. “Wanna go grab some young hungry cock to stuff our holes?”

Just a week before, Colette had been a firmly, fully confirmed lesbian. She had, in fact, crushed on Morgan for some time.

“I…” Morgan gulped.

Colette was very attractive. Her tits were mouthwatering in that tiny dress, so amazing in their display. And Morgan, in her right mind, was not bisexual. But the elixir had woken something in her—something that didn’t care about man or woman, male or female, so long as there was sex involved. And with Colette, there was a lot of sex involved.

“Come onnnn!” Colette took Morgan’s hands, inviting herself inside. “Let’s go! Get dressed in like, something cool like the other night, and let’s go have a ball! I’ll lick your pussy beforehand if you want.” She caught the look in Morgan’s eyes. “Or you can lick mine?”

Morgan shuddered, trying to block the hot image that gave her.

She summoned all her strength. “I think you should go, Colette.”

“Really?” Colette clasped Morgan’s hands to her breasts. “You want me gone? You want these gone?”

Morgan gulped, feeling the heavenly warmth of the full, firm tits beneath her grip…


Lust Party 3