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Delicious new mind control erotica — “Ruling His Immortal Enemy”

Hello hello hellooooo all you wonderful erotica fans out there! Terrific news for you–I’m back after a few weeks of absence with a brand NEW erotica for you, “Ruling His Immortal Enemy.”

This sexy tale continues the saga started in “Ruling His Hot Students” and continued in “Ruling His Own Strip Club,” following the exploits of Jacob as he tries to solidify his control over an ever-growing harem of gorgeous fuckpets.

This hot tale features all kinds of erotic goodness–breeding/impregnation, harem gathering, threesomes/menage/group sex, mind control, hypnosis, seduction, body transformation, huge cocks, immortal blowjobs, and so, so much more!

SO! If you’re in the mood for a sexy little tale about a mind controller conquering the most powerful being in the world to bend to his liking, check out “Ruling His Immortal Enemy” today!


Here’s the Official Blurb:

“You’re too powerful…I can’t deny you. I need you, Sir.”

Jacob used to be a regular guy until he found the magic tablet. With its power, he gave himself the body of a god—the sort of chiseled form that turns women into dripping messes of wet hot lust. But the tablet also gave him the powers of a god, letting him change the minds and bodies of the women in his life however he likes. They’re transformed from studious, serious ladies into big-breasted, long-haired, fertile, breeding bimbo lovepets who are desperate to adore his virile member. Any woman he wants, he can transform into an erotic addition to his rapidly-expanding harem…which he already did to an entire club full of strippers.
But there’s a gorgeous, immortal sorceress who wants his power for herself, Celeste. She’s so vain and arrogant that she wants to make this masterful, dominant man kneel to her. It’s a battle of wills when the force of her unstoppably gorgeous form meets his immovably masculine object. Whoever kneels to the other will give their new owner all the power in the world to reshape it however they like. And if Jacob wins, he’ll want a whole planet full of gorgeous women worshiping his name




“You are very powerful,” she admitted, “to fool me. I will not lie. I am impressed. But the fact remains that I have centuries of power behind my every movement…and you are an amateur compared to me.”

“Then why is your cunt so wet?”

She ignored this question, walking around him, strutting through the wreckage she had created. He watched her clear her own path with flits of her power, telekinetically pushing the rubble around until the study was clear of any impediment. Her heels clicked musically; her walk was a symphony of seduction. Precum, hot and thick, streamed from his cock like a river. It took every ounce of himself not to take her then and there.

But he couldn’t. She had to submit first. Otherwise…he couldn’t be sure that he was actually in charge. That he was winning. That she was his.

“I’ll admit you’ve had…an effect.” She licked her lips, her eyes flashing at him. His precum streamed harder—the sight was intensely erotic. “Perhaps I could make you a deal. Give me the Djinn Stone, and I shall make you the first man to ever share my bed. The only man.”

She had promised herself long ago that she would never be taken in such a way. But he was turning her on so much

He raised an eyebrow. “You’re a virgin?”

She tossed her hair back, one long leg posed forward sexily. “Naturally.”

Advancing upon her, Jacob felt no reason not to play with her a little. “I warn you, great sorceress. I would not be an idle lover.”

“Oh no?”

She thought she was winning, now.

“No. I would make demands of you. I would fuck you senseless every night. You would know my cock, and my cock alone. No others would do. I would make your every evening filled with my seed, your every morning knowing the taste of my shaft, your every afternoon feeling my tongue upon yours…and your pussy.”

“You would…make demands…of me?”

She seemed to be trying to make herself sound arrogant, demeaning—as in, “you would make demands of me?” But what came out instead was a breathy plea, her enormous tits barely remaining inside of her tiny lace bra…