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“Model Sexcretary” – A Delightful New Erotica

Hello hello hellloooooo all you erotica fans out there! I’ve got a GREAT new story for you today, “Model Sexcretary,” number THREE in the “Fertile Pleasures” series which also includes “Sexcretary” and “New Sexcretary.”

This one was a ton of fun to write–it involves a gorgeous supermodel who is utterly put in her place by a commanding alpha male. When he’s done with her, her virgin, busty self is utterly mindfucked into a submissive sex slave who is eager to follow her new Master’s every command–just like it should be! This one includes harem gathering, creampies/bareback/impregnation/breeding, group sex, rough sex, hypnosis, and SO MUCH MORE!

So! If you’re in the mood for a hot little mind control number, make sure to check out “Model Sexcretary” today!

Here’s the Official Blurb:

“Yes, Sir. I need you to be the first one inside…”

World-famous, gorgeous, and fabulously rich, supermodel Catriana Dominga has it all—and loves that she does. When her private jet is grounded, she accepts an offer to take her to her destination from a mysterious, handsome businessman, Albert Stout. But events quickly take a turn for the strange…and the erotic. Stout’s private jet is staffed by gorgeous, big-breasted bimbos who are obviously employed mostly for the way their bountifully fertile bodies fill out their skimpy uniforms, not to mention their eager “oral abilities.” But before Catriana can complain, she’s falling under Stout’s spell, wave after wave of mesmerizing trance bombarding her pretty little mind to make her Stout’s new favorite erotic servant.
Unless she can fight his control, she’ll soon be a pleading, eager, kneeling breeding servant girl just like all his other beauties, one more addition to his superbly sexual harem, and all that haughty attitude of hers will be tamed forever.



She sighed, taking another drink. It had emptied again, and Mandy was right there to give her another.

Later, she decided. She would tell him later, after this lovely song. And then she would demand that he play it again.

And then, he would answer all her questions about his…whatever. His stuff and things.

Screens floated down from the top of the cabin, unfolding on robotic arms in front of Catriana and Marcus. She noticed for the first time that the third beauty had been attending her bodyguard—giving him drinks of his own. He wasn’t supposed to be drinking on duty. She raised an eyebrow in alarm.

The music pulsed again.

Oh, well. She shrugged, settling back into her seat. It was just an airplane ride. Nothing could go wrong, certainly.

Sip, sip. Have another sip, let the good times rip. The drink tasted so fucking good. She crossed and uncrossed her legs elaborately, catching Albert’s eye. She drank in his quick gaze, her emerald eyes flashing into his.

That’s right, she thought. Look at me. Look at how fucking hot I am. I know you’ll jerk your stupid cock to me later. I know you won’t be able to help yourself. You’ll fuck these other women rotten but you’ll be thinking of me.

Mandy smiled, leaning over. She really had excellent cleavage. Catriana felt a pulse of arousal from looking at the thick, twin globes pressing so hotly together. It had been so long since she had felt heat like that. She lost herself int the sensation, not even bothering to look Mandy in the eyes as she spoke.