Beauty Potion – The Bundle

His seed will make her permanently famous. Can she resist?


“Submit to you, and live forever as your hot, wealthy property?”
Nathan can give the gift of eternal wealth, power, and beauty. In return, all he asks for is eternal erotic service. He seduces and corrupts hot cheerleaders, sexy models, and beautiful celebrities just to own the absolute cream of the crop. They always have a choice whether or not to serve him…but he’s incredibly handsome, and his member is the sexiest thing they’ve ever seen, and the other women in his burgeoning harem are immortally gorgeous and passionately sing his praises.
Would it really be so bad to be sexy, happy, young, and his property forever with a fertile harem of other in-love ultra-babes? With how much he’s offering, every gorgeous beauty always lands on her knees.
WARNING: This erotic bundle features hot women giving in to their most hedonistic desires after being thoroughly seduced by other women and an extremely hot, well-hung alpha male.

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