Beauty Potion – The Cheerleader

His seed makes girls immortal. Can she resist the offer?


“Please…if you don’t let me leave, I know I’m going to be yours forever.”

Beautiful cheerleader Lola wakes up bound and gagged in a dark basement. Naturally, she’s terrified and needs to escape—but she can’t figure out why she’s so aroused at the same time. The man who captured her has an offer—become his erotic servant, willingly, and he will make her beautiful and young forever. All she has to do is drink a “beauty potion” that he makes himself. Of course this is insane, and she wants to say no.
But, he’s incredibly handsome, and his member is the sexiest thing she’s ever seen, and the other women in his burgeoning harem are immortally gorgeous and passionately sing his praises…would it really be so bad to be sexy, happy, young, and his property forever with a fertile harem of other in-love ultra-babes?

WARNING: This erotic story features a beautiful woman with no other choices giving in to her most hedonistic desires after being thoroughly seduced by other women and an extremely hot, well-hung alpha male.

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