Beauty Potion – The Celebrity

His seed will make her permanently famous. Can she resist?


“I don’t really care about other people. I just want to be your top girl, forever.”
Gorgeous celebrity duchess, starlet, and social activist Camille Augustine engages in a public, televised debate with the misogynist, classist Nathan Abbott that leaves her horribly hot and bothered. It’s just not fair—despite his evil opinions, Nathan is a massive, handsome, obviously well-hung hunk and his supermodel wife Lola clearly has the hots for Camille.
When Camille wakes the next morning at Nathan’s estate, the gorgeous and clearly fertile Lola informs her that he wants her as part of his exclusive, eternal harem. All she has to do is partake of his special “beauty potion” and she can be young, beautiful, and wealthy forever. Will Camille’s SJW beliefs hold up when she’s offered eternity in privilege?
WARNING: This erotic story features a beautiful woman with no other choices giving in to her most hedonistic desires after being thoroughly seduced by other women and an extremely hot, well-hung alpha male.

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